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COVID-19 Hirer Information

The health, safety and enjoyment of our guests, staff and the wider community is our highest priority.

Our management group has developed a ‘COVIDSafe Plan’ for Mafeking Rover Park, which forms the basis of the measures we have implemented. We are ensuring every day that we meet government regulations and apply best practice procedures for the accommodation industry in managing the risks of COVID-19.

We are endeavouring to keep up with all government advice and requirements, and we will provide updates as things change.

We encourage you to check this page prior to arrival to ensure you are aware of all current changes.

Mafeking Rover Park – COVIDSafe Plan

The Mafeking Rover Park COVIDSafe Plan can be found here.

Actions we are taking to reduce the risk of COVID19

  • Publication of our Campsite COVIDSafe Plan to Hirers
  • Rangers are completing two disinfections per day of indoor/shared spaces
  • Hand Sanitizer/Hand washing facilities provided in Buildings
  • Mafeking Rover Park uses the Services Victoria QR code Check-in system
  • Signage and distance markers to facilitate adherence to physical distancing and capacity requirements
  • Contact tracing procedures for all hirers, staff, visitors and contractors

Important information for Hirers

Everyone that attends Mafeking Rover Park must agree to and acknowledge the follow:

  • Hirers must provide Mafeking Rover Park Management Group:
    • a list of overnight campers for Contact Tracing, or, all overnight campers must check in using the Mafeking Rover Park QR Codes
    • Copy of their activities COVIDSafe Plans
  • No one should attend the campsite if they are unwell or if they have symptoms for COVID-19. Should remain home, isolate and get tested.
  • All attendees, visitors, staff and contractors over the age of 12 must wear a face mask at all times when inside any building
  • All day visitors, staff and contractors must complete a Mafeking Rover Park QR code check-in for the duration of their stay. QR code posts can be found at each building.
  • Attendees, visitors, staff and contractors must provide their own hand sanitizer for use within their accommodation or when undertaking activities

Further advise, recommendations and safe practices to ensure everyone has a safe visit to Mafeking:

  • Include a UHF Radio on your packing list, Mafeking Rangers can be contacted via UHF Channel 14 to reduce the need for Face-to-Face conversations
  • Children are the responsibility of the Leader and Leader in charge, including the adherence to government mandated regulations

Scouting Hirers

As a Scout group, there are no restrictive conditions on the number of attendees in your booking. However, there are the following requirements which need to be followed;

  • 6 Scouts can share a tent and 10 Scouts can share cabins, bunkrooms etc.
  • Family bookings are allowed for one household plus up to 10 other guests in the same booking.
  • Indoor communal areas are limited to 1 person per 4 sqm.

In addition to these physical conditions, there are also vaccination mandates which must be respected by all attending the park.

  • Scout Leaders/Helpers must be at least partially vaccinated to run an outdoor program.
  • Youth members (of any age) and parents do not need to be vaccinated to participate in an outdoor program.
  • Anybody aged 16 or over must be fully vaccinated for an indoor program, including use of the indoor facilities (hall, kitchen etc) at the park. This applies to all people including youth members, Leaders, helpers, visitors, parents, etc
  • Leader, helpers or youth members aged 16 or over must be fully vaccinated to share accommodation such as a tent, cabin, or bunkhouse.

External Hirers

As an non-Scouting hirer, the following requirements need to be followed:

  • Indoor communal areas are limited to 1 person per 4 sqm

Vaccination requirements
All guests aged 16 and over must be fully vaccinated: this will be checked by the park rangers on-site through the vaccination certificate connected to the Service Victoria app, when checking into the park.
The ranger will record when they have checked all campers over 16 years, but will not keep a copy of your vaccination certificate.


To help hirers plan for their booking at Mafeking Rover Park, we will be publishing our capacity limits for buildings onto this page. Below is the table showing our buildings, floor area and capacities at different settings.

RoomFloor Area1 per 4qm1 per 2sqm
HG Hall – Main Room207m251 people103 people
HG Hall – Office22m25 people11 people
HG Hall – General Store21m25 people10 people
HG Hall – Kitchen45m211 people22 people
HG Hall – Storeroom17m24 people8 people
Activities Shed84m221 people42 people

Bunkhouses are limited to 1 house hold per cabin. Each cabins can hold up to 8 people per household.

For Scout Groups/Hirers, you can check the Scouts Victoria COVID-19 page for more resources for planning including sample COVIDSafe Plans for outdoor activities.

Frequently asked questions

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