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Rover Scout Motorsport

Rover Scout Motorsport (RSM) is a motorsport car club associated with the Rover Section of Scouts Victoria. RSM is an affiliated car club with Motorsport Australia. Motorsport has been a part of Rovers for over 40 years but it wasn’t until 2005 that RSM was formed to oversee and manage all motorsport related activities for Victorian Rovers.  

RSM is continually evolving along with the motorsport world. It is opening up opportunities not only for Rovers but to Venturers and Scouts to jump on board and experience racing through our Championship Series and Junior Development Programs. 

RSM cars are built, repaired, raced in and owed by Rover units state and nationwide. Each unit fundraises annually in order to upkeep their ‘buggies’. Vehicles range from modified sedans and hatchbacks, to rear engine frame buggies. Every car is different; has its own name, number, and some would say its own personality.

For more information www.vicrovers.com.au/rsm or contact Chair@vicrovers.rsm.com