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Mafeking is accessible via Yea and Seymour
The roads from all three towns are bitumen however care should be taken as some roads are prone to wear and tear resulting in loose material on the road. All routes have been marked with Mafeking Rover Park street signs at the relevant intersections. Care should be taken when driving on the surrounding roads as some are narrow and often have a large amount of local traffic.Night driving should also be cautious as there is a large amount of wildlife both in the surrounding area and on Mafeking itself.

From Yea

Yea is accessible via the Maroondah then Melba Highways from the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. From Yea turn onto the Goulburn Valley Highway which heads to Seymour. Approximately 3km from Yea the Ghin Ghin Road (Marked by a Mafeking sign) branches right and heads through Highlands and Caveat to Mafeking Rover Park.

From Seymour

Seymour is accessible via the Hume Highway from the western suburbs of Melbourne. From Seymour head towards Yea, under the Railway line and turn left onto Highlands Road (Marked by Mafeking Sign and sign marked “Highlands”) just before Mitre 10 and Seymour High School. Once on Highlands Road you do not need to turn until you reach the T intersection at Highlands and turn left on the Ghin Ghin Road (which comes from Yea).